The Antichrist Exposed!

For nearly 2,000 years folks have been wondering who the “antichrist” is that is mentioned in the Bible. It has been a great mystery, but with the help of the Watchtower I think we can solve this mystery right here and now!

…the antichrist is not an individual, but a collective term. People or organizations making up the antichrist spread lies, deny that Jesus is the Christ… Those who make up the antichrist claim to be Christ or his representatives…
Watchtower 2015 June 1 p.14 (public edition): Antichrist Exposed

So the Watchtower has kindly identified the antichrist for us as an organization that:

  1. Spreads lies.
  2. Denies that Jesus is the Christ.
  3. Claims to be Christ or his representatives.

Hmmm, does that sound like any organization we might be familiar with?

We’ve already proven that the Watchtower organization lies. And the Governing Body frequently and unabashedly claim to be Christ’s representatives on earth. They have usurped Jesus’ role as Mediator for the Great Crowd of unanointed Jehovah’s Witnesses:

So in this strict Biblical sense Jesus is the “mediator” only for anointed Christians.”
Watchtower 1979 Apr 1 p.31 (emphasis added)

To keep in relationship with “our Savior, God,” the “great crowd” needs to remain united with the remnant of spiritual Israelites.
Watchtower 1979 Nov 15 p.27

But do they really deny that Jesus is Christ, or claim that they are?

Surprisingly, the answer to this question is Yes!

The Watchtower’s “mystery doctrine” is little known to any outside of their “anointed” members. It goes like this:

The “mystery” centers on ‘who is the Christ?’ According to the Watchtower, the Christ isn’t Jesus; he is only a part of the Christ (0.0007% to be exact.) The bulk of the Christ is made up of the 144,000 “anointed”  Jehovah’s Witnesses! [anointed is “christ” in Greek.]

The Christ is not considered complete until every last one of those 144,000 gets anointed and receives their heavenly reward! An event the Watchtower calls “the finished mystery.”

This Christ is composed of many members (1 Cor. 12:12) The Greek word Christ corresponds to the Hebrew word Messiah. In either language the significance of the word is, The Anointed.

This Gospel age is the time in which the Messiah is prepared. The Head of the Messiah, therefore, very properly, is first; and following him the Apostles and all down through the age the various members of the body. This age will end when the full number of the ‘elect’ shall have been found and tested. Then the body will have been completed. When The Messiah is complete, The Christ will be complete.
Watchtower 1911 June 15 p. 189 (p. 4841 in Reprints)

The mystery is THE CHRIST, the great one through whom redemption, deliverance and blessing will ultimately come to all mankind who receive Christ and obey him…
The Christ is composed of Jesus, the great and mighty head, and the 144,000 members.
–The Harp of God (WBTS 1928) pp. 186, 191

If Christ came with a label of ingredients, Jesus would just be a footnote that read: “Contains 7 ppm [parts per million] of Jesus.” That’s less than the amount of carbon monoxide in the air that’s considered safe to breathe! Or, to take the Watchtower’s analogy of a man’s body: if Christ were a 140 pound man, Jesus would be 0.015 ounces: about as much as a toenail clipping.

I input this into an Excel spreadsheet, and here’s what it looks like in a bar chart:

Christ (Watchtower style)

And in a pie chart:

(Sorry, Jesus; in the Watchtower’s view of the Christ you’re too insignificant to make an appearance.)

I think that should finish the mystery for all concerned.

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  1. Another well-written, concise, and referenced article exposing what happens when an organization claiming to have the only truth takes passages from the Bible and tries to expand on the meaning.

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