Cover of the newly released book by Frank Anon
Cover of the newly released book

Never before have I used a blog post just to recommend a book to my visitors. But I’m making an exception for this book: “Jehovah’s Witnesses: A Gentle Self-Deprogramming Guide.”

The book has made use of some of the content from this site. But there is also plenty of new material and illustrations. Unlike this site, the book does not engage in scoffing. So, it is more likely to be read by Witnesses than my site.

Still, it’s not completely serious. As its back-cover states, there is “a dash of humor” — which you may have gathered from the cover illustration! Some of the illustrations in its pages are pretty funny too.

Rather than trying to “disprove the religion,” it is devoted to showing how the Watchtower exercises “Undue Influence” over its members, and how that can be dealt with.

There is a great chapter on the Faithful and Discreet Slave, showing why the Governing Body cannot possibly be fulfilling that role. This, of course, frees Witnesses to think for themselves.

The other chapters delve into the major ways that the Watchtower interferes with people’s lives. Thoroughly investigating the blood issue, shunning, and child abuse. Each section explains in detail why the doctrines these policies are based on are fallacious. Then some suggestions are made on how Witnesses can live their lives with a measure of freedom despite these constraints.

The book is thin and concise. The paperback version is exactly 100 pages long. But it is packed with all the references you need to utterly demolish these most harmful of Watchtower doctrines.

Great for a “literature exchange” with a Witness who would never think of visiting a site such as this!

Highly recommended!