Resurrection! Part 1: Earthly

The Watchtower Teaching Unlike the Signorelli painting above, the Watchtower describes the earthly resurrection as the injecting of a dead person’s memories and personality into a newly created body. They teach that the vast majority of humankind will be resurrected to life on earth: both the “righteous and the unrighteous.” This includes “billions of ‘unrighteous’… Continue reading Resurrection! Part 1: Earthly

Resurrection! Part 2: The Unrighteous

Part 1 described the Watchtower’s teaching on the earthly resurrection. It also gave some thought to whether the resurrected individual could possibly be the same person who died. In part 2 we are going to discuss the resurrection of the “righteous and the unrighteous.” Especially the latter. Resurrection of the “Unrighteous” According to the Watchtower,… Continue reading Resurrection! Part 2: The Unrighteous


A Short Play by Tigaforest [Setting: Noon on a summer’s day. A sidewalk in a residential area of a city with parked cars along the opposite side of the street.] Two sisters, May and June, are out in field service and May had been carrying her heavy bookbag all morning. She stops and sets her… Continue reading Yoga?