Quiz: Jehovah or the Watchtower

Jah or WT QuizInstead of answering 80 questions (as Witnesses are required to do in order to qualify for baptism [Note: this was changed to 124 questions in 1983, and to 104 questions in 2005]). I hereby give a shortcut alternative for coming to know “the truth”: Only 17 questions!

Please answer each of the following questions either “Jehovah” (i.e. the God of the Bible) or “the Watchtower” (i.e. the Watchtower Society aka the Governing Body).

In answering, keep in mind that Witnesses “only go by the Bible,” so answer these questions from a biblical perspective, being prepared to backup your answers with Scriptures. This quiz is pretty easy. There are no trick questions here: your first answer is probably the correct one.

As a bonus, the first question has been answered for you, but the rest is up to you…

Jehovah Watchtower
1. Who outlawed organ transplants as “cannibalism”?
2. Who said that celebrating birthdays was a sin?
3. Who said smoking was a sin?
4. Who said oral sex between a husband and wife was a sin?
5. Who said that vaccinations were against God’s “everlasting covenant”?
6. Who declared that blood transfusions are a sin?
7. Who said not to add to his law?
8. Who prophesied that 1925 would “certainly” see the resurrection of Abraham?
9. Who said “millions now living will never die” back in 1921?
10. Who said that the generation living in 1914 would never die?
11. Who was looking forward to 1975?
12. Who said that those whose prophecies failed to come true were “false prophets”?
13. Who said germs don’t cause disease?
14. Who said “there is no such thing as rabies”?
15. Who created germs and rabies?
16. Who said that the Governing Body were judged to be “faithful and discreet” back in 1919?
17. Based on the above answers, who do the Witnesses follow?

3 thoughts on “Quiz: Jehovah or the Watchtower

  1. Wow, this was great. When it is put like this, it’s undeniable! The sad thing is, the JWs will argue that sometimes you have to follow the “principles” found in the scriptures, not the exact wording itself. Using that logic, you can make any verse say anything you want it to– and use the “principle” excuse. It’s a shame.

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