Watchtower Help Club Overview

1. What is the Watchtower Help Club?

The Watchtower Help Club is a world-wide online club, which consists of a website, forum, blog articles, and the WatchtowerHelper Chrome extension.

2. What is the club’s Mission Statement?

2 The club’s Mission Statement is: “To help everyone to better study, understand, and discuss Watchtower publications, in an anonymous, judgment-free, open-discussion atmosphere.”

How the Club Can Help YOU

3. What it the primary tool the club offers to help you?

3 The Club provides a global meeting place to discuss the Watchtower. Primarily, this is through the WatchtowerHelper Chrome extension. Once you have installed this extension you will have access to global highlights, comments, notes, and discussions within the context of the online Watchtower at!

4. Does the extension involve visiting sites other than

4 The Watchtower has discouraged Jehovah’s Witnesses from visiting sites other than The club honors that. You do not have to visit any site other than to experience the main features that the WatchtowerHelper offers. The WatchtowerHelper is an extension that you install (or “add-on”) in your Chrome browser. Then, when you visit, you will have the features of the club at your fingertips within the context of the site itself. It is like a placing a piece of glass over your computer screen: it does not alter the site below the glass, but it allows you to draw highlights and make notes on the glass (as well as read those that others have saved globally).

5. What features are available when using the extension?

5 The extension makes available the following features on

6. What advantages are there to using these features?

6 Perhaps there are questions or comments that are on your mind but are reluctant to share in your congregation. The total anonymity of the club allows you to voice these thoughts with no personal consequences. Conversely, by reading the global postings you may encounter a fresh thought you can introduce to your own congregation. Finally, you may encounter objections voiced by non Witnesses, which may better prepare you for what you could encounter in field service.

Global and Personal

7. What are the two types of entries?

7 There are two types of entries that can be made and shown on the extension: Global and Personal. Personal entries are those that you make. Global entries are made by others. Once you save your entry it becomes global: available for viewing by anyone with the extension installed.

8. How can you distinguish between Global and Personal entries?

8 Global and Personal entries are color-coded differently. The default is to have Global entries shown in yellow, and Personal entries shown in pink. These colors can be changed in the options, reachable by clicking the WatchtowerHelper icon at the top right of your browser.


9. How can you highlight text?

9 To highlight text (ie, the answer to the question posed for the paragraph) hover your mouse over the text, hold down the left mouse-button, and drag to the end of the text you wish to highlight. Then release the left mouse-button. To delete a highlight, hover over the start of the highlight and double-click the left mouse-button.

10. When do Global highlights become Personal?

10 The first person to highlight words in a paragraph sets up the Global highlighting for that paragraph. The next person to open the page will see the first person’s highlights. If the second person alters the highlighting of that paragraph, all of the highlighting for that paragraph becomes Personal. A third person would still see the first person’s global highlights (unless and until the third person made their own alterations).


11. How do you access comments?

11 Comments are accessed by clicking the text of a question. If no comment exists for the question, a “placeholder” consisting of the highlighted text will be displayed. As soon as you start editing this, the placeholder text will vanish, encouraging you to put the comment in your own words. When entering/editing a comment, you can use Ctrl-I or Ctrl-B to italicize or bold selected text, respectively. There is also a link icon that you can click to setup a hyperlink on the selected text.

12. Where are Global comments shown?

12 Global comments are shown above the Edit Box for Personal comments. A Personal comment that you saved will appear as a Global comment as well (color-coded as Personal). Global comments cannot be edited, but their links are active. You can edit your Personal comment in the lower box, unless a Discussion has begun on your comment (in which case it is locked, and you must click Join Discussion if you wish to offer further explanation or elaborate on your comment).


13. How do you access a footnote?

13 Existing footnotes can be accessed by clicking on the red footnote number in the paragraph. You can create a new footnote by highlighting a single character or word (with no space) and then clicking Okay when asked if you wish to create a footnote. Double-clicking the last word in a sentence is another quick way to start a footnote.

14. Where are global footnotes shown?

14 Footnotes are treated much the same as comments. Personal footnotes may be edited (if a Discussion hasn’t been started). Read-only Global Footnotes appear above Personal footnotes.


15. What are discussions for?

15 Discussions, unlike comments and footnotes, are where people can respond to the contents of comments and footnotes. In order to keep the Watchtower screen clean, we ask that Comments and Footnotes relate to the words in the Watchtower. If you want to comment on someone else’s comment (or footnote) please start a Discussion.

16. Where do discussions take place?

16 Discussions are the exception to the rule about going off-site from Discussions take place on the Watchtower Help Club Forum. This is a standard forum site where you must register (for free) and logon in order to post replies to comments/footnotes. However, you can view the discussions there without registering/logging on.


17. What is flagging for?

17 If you come upon an inappropriate comment or footnote, please flag it. Flagged posts are reviewed by moderators, and though we are very tolerant of free-speech, they may be removed if they constitute a serious enough violation of our standards.

18. How do you flag a post?

18 You can flag a post by checking the “flag” box next to the global post. This will pop-up a window in which you must select a reason for the flagging, and explain your reasoning for the flag. This will notify a moderator.


19. How can you control the printout?

19 Click on the WatchtowerHelper icon at the top right of your browser. This will open a settings window where you can select the options of how you want the printout to appear. Clicking the Print button at the bottom of that window will open a new widow with the printout displayed. Some of the print options refer to “checked” global posts. These are posts where you have checked the Print box. This allows you to print only the posts you selected.

20. How do you print the report?

20 Press Ctrl-P to print the report. Note that you may choose to “print to PDF” if you wish to store the printout on your device rather than obtain a hard-copy. PDF’s saved in this way will not have active links. (Links are active on the print window, but should not be clicked there because they close the window.)